Allen - Male Black & White Gargoyle Gecko

Allen - Male Black & White Gargoyle Gecko

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Gargoyle Geckos are great starter pet. They are a tropical species that require very little space and acclimate to handling over a very short period of time. Food is very easy to handle and readily available with different crested gecko diets for sale such as Pangea, and they normally enjoy hunting for insects and other smaller soecies of geckos and other sources of protiens most nights. While one can be housed in a ZooMed 12x12x18 inch terrarium comfortably they are a very active species and will definitely utilize the bigger space in a ZooMed 18x18x24 inch tank.


New information is always coming to light with ongoing research, suggesting lifespan is at least 30 years and 40 is normal. 

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    Rhacodactylus auriculatus